Brazil – 16.2 million people in extreme poverty

27 Mar
Brazil – 16.2 million people in extreme poverty
The Brazilian government says that families in extreme poverty are the ones that live with less than R$70 per month. While the United Nations say that you are in extreme poverty if you earn less $1.25 per day. This comes to around R$60 per month.
The result of that statement, from the Brazilian government, came to the fact that 16.2 million people are living in extreme poverty in Brazil. This is around 8.5% of the Brazilian population.
Apparently out of all the people in extreme poverty (16.2 million) 1.8 million of these people don’t get any salary, while the other 11.4 million slaries that differ extremely between R$1 to R$70 per month.
Brazil is the biggest country in the south America. However, they also have lots of people who are poor. The

lack of medical cares, the sanitation facilities, access to education and employment leads almost most of the Brazilian population to a miserable life.

The big problems that the government needs to solve are about the education, housing, health care and nutrition for the homeless children, because the parents can’t afford to raise them. About 42% of the children in Brazil are poor. Moreover, there are ⅛  that don’t have a place to live in. That makes them stop going to school and being educated and go to work. Then, they don’t eat well, because they don’t have enough money to buy the right food.

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