Angola is suffering quite badly!

Angola has one of the biggest rates of poverty worldwide. In 2001, 68% of the people living in Angola, where under the poverty line, meaning that they were living on around $1.68 a day. And another 15% live in extreme poverty. This would mean that around only 17% live a ‘normal’ with enough money to buy food and clothes. Angola has very high child mortality. In this country there isn’t enough food to go around the whole population. In 2002 around $210.0 million was paid on emergency help for Angola.

Even if the war ended in 2002, the problems in Angola have not changed and are still very bad, and difficult to live with. Most of the homes in Angola have no access to electricity, or good health, hygiene. People don’t also get access to good/drinkable water. In Angola it is the woman and girls job to get the water, they sometimes will have to walk up to a mile to find a suitable source for drinkable water, and then wait a long time before filling up as a lot of other women and girl, have come to get water for their families.

Even though the country has made progress since its independence, there are still differences between the female and the male. For example men make the decisions in the house and the woman must follow those rules. As most of the men died in the war, the women’s are now being forced to do all the work in the house but also outside of the house, meaning labour… She must work or if not their family will die out, they will die of hunger, or a disease due to the amount of resources they have.


Around 60% of the people living there are under 18 years of age, and most of these people are now orphans and in child refugees. A lot of these kids have disabilities.


After the war, the population had to move to nearby countries and life in Angola became dangerous. Some people are thinking of returning there and continuing with their previous life, but those people will be in great danger. As there are a lot of unexploded bombs left from the war, which could at any moment go off, when a person passes there or when someone is on that peace of land.

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